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Pretty UI and Images from Google Image search!


Time for more updates from soc, this is primarly a big ui change that I’ve made, now things look much less cluttered. So the changes made are

1. Getting rid of the “Show in ImageViewer” , “Get Image” buttons :

Instead of using buttons for these features,  I created an eventfilter and if you click on the empty image in the preview region, it’ll automatically fetch the right image, and if the image is present already it shows it in the ImageViewer. Now thats two buttons less.

2. Using a right-click popup menu, instead of the Large number of buttons present in the Observation Planner. This makes the UI look much more usable, and much less cluttered.

3. Saving and deleting individual images:

In the previous version of the observation planner, you had the option only to save all the images or delete all of them, now this doesn’t quite make the user happy, and hence, there is an option to individually save and delete images for a selected object.

4. And, probably one really useful feature, the Observation planner can get you images from a google image search of the object’s name. This google search feature, fires up a new window, which asyncronously keeps downloading images from the web, and puts a tiny image thumbnail next to it. There is a preview box, for a larger thumbnail. And the cool part is that, you can even edit or crop the image downloaded from within KStars! This also makes it possible for the user to get the images for objects in the solar system, as the DSS/SDSS images are not available for these directly in a search by RA/Dec.

5. And the popup menu provides the user with an option to get the DSS image instead of the default SDSS image in case thats needed.

6.  Also, the core backends of the OAL compliant target lists are ready!

Well time for screenshots now :

1. The New UI of the Observing List :


2. The Google Image search in action :


3. The Popup menu:


So now, the observation planner looks more useful right?

And good news is, in a day or two, the changes will be merged from my branch into the trunk!

Cheers. Until next post, signing off.