More updates from SoC

Well, its been really long since I posted about the work I’d done so far.

The first thing that I’d like to mention is, I’ve made it possible to filter objects by their magnitude in the What’s Up Tonight Dialog, now this makes life much easier if you have a big catalog and you just would like to know about the objects that you can see with the naked eye or with the telescope. And there is even a slider there for comfortably setting the magnitude. Now the What’s Up Tonight Dialog looks like :


The other new features are :

1. You can view the bigger version of the DSS/SDSS image previews in a separate imageviewer. This enables you to see finer details better, which might prove helpful for star “hopping”.

2. You can now, save the images of all objects in the session list just by a single click, and they’re nearly saved for usage in during the observation session.

3. Okay, so now, you’re worried of your disk space and you decide to clean up all the stored images, now KStars allows you to do that again by the click of a single button.

So, now the Observation Planner looks like


And, look below to see the imageviewer in action :


😀 yeah, Astronomy is cool indeed!

And, currently I’m working on creating Observation Logs in XML format, with features like export to OAL(Open Astronomy Log) schema – compliant logs. What has been done till now is that, we can export target lists in the COMAST schema’s format, which means we can exchange stuff amongst other desktop planetarium software! To view one sample list, visit this link.


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